Monarch Water

Brand Image

Strategy and visual identity overhaul for a leading OEM.

Creative Company refreshed the brand image of Monarch Water the UK’s leading water softener, filter and purifier manufacturer.

Introducing the new and improved Monarch Water.

As part of the Culligan group, Monarch Water has been reimagined to appeal to a broader range of customers and stand out in the crowded water treatment marketplace.

Creative Company was brought on board to create an aspirational image for Monarch Water that is progressive, dynamic, and market-leading. Our challenge was to avoid the clichés and create inspiring collateral showcasing Monarch Water’s cutting-edge technology.

We started by simplifying Monarch Water’s existing collateral, giving it a fresh and contemporary feel.

The new colour palette of black, mid-greys, and white with a vibrant mid-blue sets the tone for the business. Additional colours like sky blue, flamingo red, forest green and canary yellow add variety and variety versatility for different sectors and activities.

The low-key photography in unusual angles of applications and products reflects the premium feel of the new brand positioning. With black vignettes adding to the premium feel, the updated Monarch Water is ready to make a splash in the water treatment industry.

A comprehensive multi-sector website, organised by product and application, features the whole product range. Tailored technology includes a water hardness checker by postcode technology that provides live results. There’s the capability to find your perfect softener using conditional technology and a map-based UK-wide stockists search tool with travel directions to help users complete the ‘check—find—fulfil’ circle. The site also features four sector-specific media centres and an ‘Ultimate Installer’s Club’ – a unique membership area offering; rewards, incentives and a knowledge hub.

A suite of high-production quality printed Domestic and Foodservice product catalogues with QR technology to link users to the website.

An updated universal product labelling solution not only adapts the core brand identity but introduces an ‘at a glance’ colour-coded lozenge system to help identify the product’s primary and secondary uses and its positioning in the range as a sustainable product, i.e. based on the running order and size of the lozenge graphics. Our colour-coding solution is a useful visual identifier for all stakeholders, from installers to clients and warehouse operatives.

A creative suite of multi-purpose videos, including a Midi softener product promotional video, a benefits of soft water video and a softener installer video.

Monarch Water has become a standout option in the fiercely competitive water treatment sector, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Creative Company.

The challenge was to create inspiring, market-leading collateral for Monarch's water treatment technology. From the onset, we planned to avoid the obvious lifestyle cliches of images with soapy bubbles and soft towels.

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