little pizza hicce

One-Page Web Solution, SEO and managed hosting.

A compelling website design and development to attract customers and promote a new unique pizza dine-in and takeaway concept.

One-page website design and development for London restaurant, Little Pizza Hicce

Pip and Gordy, the inspirational owners of hicce, a renowned dining establishment in King’s Cross, London, decided to expand their culinary ventures with a new pizza dine-in and takeaway concept called little pizza hicce.

They recognised the need for a compelling online presence to attract customers, promote their unique experience, and showcase their pizza offerings.

Creative Company’s one-page website design and development solution for little pizza hicce effectively met its objectives.

The new website enhances customer engagement, streamlines operations, increases orders, and ensures brand consistency, contributing to the success and reputation of little pizza hicce and hicce in London’s competitive dining scene.